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    Vaccinations and Immunizations

    Vaccinations and immunizations are some of the most powerful tools we have to protect ourselves and our children from potentially deadly illnesses. Vaccinations are studied for years before they are made available to patients. Any side effects are minimal and are greatly outweighed by the protections provided.

    Novant Health Pfafftown Family Medicine follows the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccination schedule for children from age 6 until age 18. After that, boosters and new vaccinations are provided as needed.

    Most routine vaccines, including flu shots, will be available during your appointment. If you will need a more specialized vaccine in preparation for travel or one not as routinely offered, our office might have to order that vaccine or know in advance so it can be available during your appointment.

    Please visit cdc.org for more information about immunizations. Please click here for the Adult Immunization Schedule on CDC's website.

    Please note we only see patients age 6 and up